How to Approach Tropical Cyclone FREDDY from an Insurance Standpoint

Como lidar com o Ciclone Tropical FREDDY na perispectiva dos Seguros

We are actively experiencing the effects of global warming and the repercussions of the changing weather patterns. Most of these have an effect of structural damages to buildings, assets and more adversely; lives. Reports point to an imminent intense tropical cyclone dubbed “FREDDY”, taking place in Madagascar. What we know is that it is forecasted to make landfall in Mozambique on the evening of the 23rd February 2023. This inherently represents a significant flood risk for Madagascar and Mozambique as soils are already saturated from the impact of Cyclones Cheneso and Jasmine, respectively.

As Maksure Risk Solutions, we want to urgently advise our insurers to take proactive measures to ensure that the existing contracts that have a potential for impact by the cyclone, are in line with the terms and conditions agreed with the reinsurers (that includes the fixed limits for cyclones and exclusions). We appreciate that not all policies will be affected, but this is for those applicable. We also want to remind our insurers to ensure that premiums and MDP’s are up to date to avoid challenges at the time of recovering claims.

Below are some of the recommendations that we make to our insureds in an effort to reduce vulnerability to flooding as follows (and non-exhaustive):

  • Close certain openings,
  • Control, and if necessary, strengthen tanks attachments,
  • Make provision to move stock/materials and other moveable assets to areas that are not likely to be flooded,
  • Move equipment, sensors, networks (electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, computer) above the highest past flooding water height
  • Ensure the backup and cloud storage of vital information and documents
  • Make provision to cover goods in the open with tents and keep above the highest past flooding water height.

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