Rail Infrastructure Development in Africa: Maksure’s Rail Contractors Coverage

There has been a number of standard gauge rail construction projects in Africa in the last 5 years and more projects are currently underway. In east Africa for example, there are ambitious infrastructure projects that will connect western Kenya and six other East African countries, including Ethiopia and Tanzania. Parts of the network have already been built, including a 756-kilometre railway between Djibouti port to Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Ababa. The Tanzanian government is working on railroad which stretches 1,219 kilometers, connecting Dar es Salaam on the east coast and Mwanza in the north region. West Africa is not short of examples with Lagos-Ibadan Railway connecting Nigeria’s largest port city to one of the country’s most important industrial cities. In southern Africa, South Africa is set to construct a standard gauge railway between Durban and Gauteng next to the current narrow gauge track.

With all these major standard gauge rail construction projects happening in Africa, Maksure Risk Solutions is well positioned to assist with the designing and placement of rail construction insurance and reinsurance for all red zone activities. We have access to a range of specialists insurers and reinsurers providing cost effective solutions and excellent support. Our specialist team provides strategic risk advisory services, risk analysis, insurance and reinsurance program design, placement, claims support, advocacy as well as alternative risk strategies and a wide array of risk analysis and risk management consulting services.

What cover does Rail Contractors Insurance provide?

The cover options we provide vary, and are comprehensive. Our Rail Contractors Insurance cover can be purchased individually or packaged together to provide our clients a tailored insurance portfolio to best suit their needs. Our portfolio of products include the following insurance classes:

  • Rail Contractors Contract Works/Contractors All Risks Insurance
  • Rail Contractors Employers & Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
  • Tax & VAT Investigation Fee Protection
  • Plant-All-Risk

For more info regarding our rail construction and reinsurance solutions, contact our Steve Makwembere on Tel +27 11 805 0086 or Email: info@maksure.co.za

About Maksure Risk Solutions

Maksure Risk Solutions is an Afro-Global independent specialist insurance and reinsurance broker with business footprint in Africa, Asia, East & Western Europe, South America and the Caribbean. We provide innovative and tailor-made risk solutions in Insurance and Reinsurance as well as Risk Financing and Actuarial Consulting geared towards capital management and strengthening our client’s balance sheet. Maksure is also one of the major players in Captive Management (Establishment & Management) in South Africa, Mauritius, Bermuda and various other jurisdictions. We have access into the Lloyds of London with a deep understanding of African markets. Our global nature ensures that our clients access quality capacity as well as some of the world’s latest thinking and solutions.