Physical Damage Insurance for Vaccines from Maksure

After a year of uncertainty, millions of doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech, Oxford/ AstraZeneca and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines have now been approved and manufactured, and with recent analysis indicating 95% efficacy, ready to be deployed, distributed and administered. Maksure Risk Solutions has partnered with leading London Market Cargo Insurers to support the cold chain supply system in developing a Physical Damage insurance policy addressing the specific and critical risk issues for vaccines in transit or storage including:

  • Decay;
  • Deterioration;
  • Spoilage;
  • Fire, collision, overturning and theft whilst in transit;
  • Power failure, breakdown of refrigeration and theft whilst in store.

The complexity of distributing vaccines in Africa is unique and requires a specialist broker that understands that landscape.

Maksure Risk Solutions is at the forefront in establishing a “Stock-throughput” programme, with large limits available upon request and policy wording designed specifically to protect valuable vaccines ensuring the safety, respect and security of the global population.

For more information regarding the Vaccine Transit Policy, contact our Elizabeth Mpofu on Tel +27 11 805 0086 or WhatsApp +44 73 9885 7206 or Email:

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