Maksure’s 2020 Africa Day Celebrations Gala Dinner

Maksure Risk Solutions has held what could be the largest insurance event globally since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic which halted several businesses across the world over the last couple of months. The event was in celebration of Africa Day.

The event which was organised by Maksure Risk Solutions and celebrated under lockdown was a breath of fresh air to many insurance clients, insurers, reinsurers, regulators, and business partners alike. The virtual celebrations were streamed live on various business and social media platforms with invitations from across the African continent and world. African artists, Nox and Tyfah Guni from Zimbabwe entertained the audience for almost an hour.

The event which was attended by more than 17 200 guests was well organised in three lounges. The Exclusive Lounge hosted (re)insurance executives and senior managers as well as high net worth individuals and corporate clients, while the Purely Millennials Lounge hosted millennials who constitute the emerging middle class in Africa. Lastly the African Diaspora Lounge hosted largely African expatriates living and working in the UK, Americas, Asia, and Australia as well as their families and friends on the African continent. As expected, the Purely Millennials lounge had the biggest number in attendance with about 12 200 guests followed by The African Diaspora lounge which attracted 4 000 guests. The Exclusive lounge managed to attract around 1 200 guests mainly from the insurance industry. The attendees were tuned in via Maksure, ZimboLive,, Nox, Tyfah Facebook pages, Nox Instagram and a link via Maksure Linkedin page.

Speaking at the side lines of  the event, Maksure Risk Solutions Managing Director, Mr. Simba Makwembere said “we are an Afro global insurance and reinsurance broker who has a passion and commitment to Africa and as such we saw it fit to celebrate Africa Day in style despite the lock downs imposed by various governments in fight of the coronavirus”. In isolation, music feels more necessary than usual, he added with a smile which could be seen despite wearing his face mask.

The music industry was hard hit by the lockdowns in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, spring concerts and even the summer music season were in peril, as social distancing and self-quarantining make performing live music and attending live shows all but impossible. Many innovative artists in quarantine are now finding other ways to perform “live,” via platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Mr. Knighty Mawere, Chief Operations Officer at Maksure Risk Solutions said to the tuned in audience “Maksure Risk Solutions shares the same vision with the founding fathers of Africa including Kwame Nkrumah of a one big Africa, and with the company now servicing clients in 47 countries we are well on course in supporting this vision.”

The guests were treated to some good African music and were left craving for more as the show went for just under an hour.

Happy Africa Day!

About Maksure Risk Solutions

Maksure Risk Solutions is an Afro-Global independent specialist insurance and reinsurance broker with business footprint in Africa, Asia, East & Western Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. We provide innovative and tailor-made risk solutions in Insurance and Reinsurance as well as Risk Financing and Actuarial Consulting geared towards capital management and strengthening our client’s balance sheet. Maksure is also one of the major players in Captive Management (Establishment & Management) in South Africa, Mauritius, Bermuda, and various other jurisdictions. We have access into the Lloyds of London with a deep understanding of African markets. Our global nature ensures that our clients access quality capacity as well as some of the world’s latest thinking and solutions.