Maksure Offers a Quick and Easy Platform to obtain your COMESA Yellow Card Certificate

Planning to travel outside the country, by road?

Dreading the long 3rd party insurance queues that are a definite?

Well, Maksure has the perfect solution for you – did you know that it is possible to have your COMESA Yellow Card Certificate even before you reach the border-post?

Back in the day, transporters incurred exorbitant costs that came with cross border trading. As a pre-requisite any transporter leaving the Republic soil crossing into any foreign land would need to be in possession of the Yellow Card Certificate which would be presented at each border post.

An International Motor Insurance Card System is an arrangement between authorities and insurance organizations of multiple states to ensure that victims of road traffic accidents do not suffer from the fact that injuries or damage sustained by them were caused by a visiting motorist rather than a motorist resident in the same country.

COMESA Yellow card is a regional Third-party motor vehicle insurance that provides third party legal liability cover and compensation for medical expenses resulting from road accidents caused by visiting motorists. It also offers emergency medical cover to the driver and passengers of the foreign motor vehicle involved in an accident.

The current participating states of the scheme are 13, namely;

Djibouti, Burundi, DRC, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

In November 2020 Maksure Risk Solutions came onboard as a broker spreading the gospel to all cross-border transporters who did not have full insight of how one can obtain the card in less than five minutes upon receiving all the required documents for processing. This innovative step enabled every transporter to arrive at the border post already in possession of the certificate.

The types of motor insurance policies applicable are the following

  • Private cars
  • Motorcycle, and
  • Commercials vehicles

The number of our COMESA Yellow card subscribers in, both commercial and private sector is, growing rapidly every month. We have over 1 million satisfied clients due to the service and benefits we offer.

By obtaining the Yellow Card Certificate from Maksure, one receives the following benefits

  • 50% saving on their third-party insurance, as our rates are cheaper than those offered at the border post
  • Safety concerns addressed as there is no need to carry cash
  • Efficient as one saves times and does not queue at the booths to purchase the 3rd party cover
  • Cost of repairs to the other parties is normally fully covered minus excess fee
  • Claims are handled by the National Bureau of the country in which the accident would have occurred.

As Maksure we always endeavour to go a step further by carrying out roadshows in strategic locations in the country. We ensure we are visible and in close proximity to those who benefit from our services.

Maksure also has opened a branch in Musina over and above the Parktown, Johannesburg branch, that way we are able to service our clients on the ground.

We advocate for safety and good driving habits to all our customers. Periodically we offer reflectors and warning triangles to our clients ensuring that in the event of a breakdown other transporters are alert of possible dangers and this has resulted in reducing the number of incidents, which translates to lesser claims.

“We aim to extend our reach to all heavy haulage, mid-sized and commercial transporters,” says Mongi Dube – Parktown Branch Manager.

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