Maksure Launches International Life Insurance for the Global Villager

London – Afroglobal insurance and reinsurance broker, Maksure Risk Solutions has announced the launch of international life insurance cover to cater for the needs of a global villager. The international life insurance coverage is denominated in hard currencies including USD, GBP and Euro thus providing extra peace of mind as it reduces cover erosion.

Simba Makwembere, Managing Director at Maksure Risk Solutions said “We are excited to launch international life insurance which is underwritten by two global brands, Guardrisk International Life and reinsured by Scor. Through this partnership, we are able to deploy cover up to USD6 500 000 making the solution one of the high-end life insurance products in the market.”

The life cover which will be driven from Maksure Risk Solutions UK operations will also be distributed to affluent Africans who have free funds to fund the premiums from anywhere in the world.

Rebecca Mohale, Life Specialist at Maksure Risk Solutions explained that the international life cover has a wider coverage as it extends cover globally compared to most life insurance covers in South Africa for example that does not cover if death occurs outside the borders of the country. This makes our new plan more valuable to a global villager who lives and work in various countries. The cover is also more suitable to immigrants whom at the time of relocating back to their country of origin would not lose cover.

The purpose of life insurance is to pay a lump sum benefit after one passes on, providing your loved ones with financial security should the unthinkable happen. Life insurance can pay for your family’s ongoing living costs, to settle estate taxes, mortgages or other outstanding loans, to cover the remaining cost of your children’s education or any number of other essential expenses. Whether you have already established a solid financial base for your family – a home, savings and investments – or you are just starting out as a new family with all these goals in mind, life insurance is the foundation upon which it all rests. Having this foundation can protect your family from having to make drastic lifestyle changes or future plans if you die suddenly.

“We have developed a model that assist our clients to answer the most important question relating to how much cover that one should buy. The model takes into account the immediate cash needs such as funeral expenses, probate, mortgage settlement cost, credit cards, estate duties as well as ongoing cash needs – schooling, housing, utilities etc” explained Rebecca.

The key features of the product is summarised in the below tabulation:

For more info regarding our international life insurance cover, contact our Life Specialist team – Rebecca Mohale on Tel +27 11 805 0086 or Email:

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