Golfing Insurance Redefined

Golfing is steadily growing to be one of the modern favoured sport among many young executives, professionals and business owners. For many, playing golf is a great way to relax from the day to day stress of modern life and golf estate living is a lifestyle that many Africans are increasingly embracing. People are drawn to the allure of country living in the heart of the city that addresses security concerns and eliminates the need for 6-foot walls and electric fencing, offering unobstructed views of pedicured lawns and gorgeous scenery.

“Like everything in life, the golfing lifestyle comes with associated risk. The risks include loss of equipment, damage to third party property, disability, death as well as damages to your own property if you are living in aa golf estate,” said Victoria Govera – Team Leader: Customer Services at Maksure Risk Solutions. “Risks are inevitable and it is a good idea to consult with your insurance broker to confirm what you are covered for and whether there are any existing exclusions on your policy, which may well be the case in a golfing estate,” she added.

At Maksure Risk Solutions we provide cover to golfers either as a standalone basis or wrap it around your householders insurance cover. If cover is wrapped around the householders, special advise and attention is required to ensure that your golfing equipment is covered on all risk and worldwide basis. Cover that is often overlooked is that of golf cart insurance. Although the chances of your golf cart being stolen are relatively slim, there is the possibility of damage to the golf cart or even worse, third party damage if the golf cart is accidentally driven into someone’s property for example. Another aspect to consider is personal liability covers in the event of personal injury to a person or their property.

If you are a golf enthusiast, speak to one of our experienced brokers to design a bespoke golfers package which includes coverage for golfing equipment and personal effects, accidental damage or forcible theft, as well as personal accident covering injuries, death and permanent disablement. Furthermore, the important personal liability section covers your legal liability for negligent bodily injury and loss or damage caused to a third party whilst you are on any golf grounds. The final element of our Golfer Package Insurance provides hole in one cover which gives payment upon achievement of a hole in one at any event in an official golf club event or competition

For more information regarding this product, contact our Chief Operating Officer, Mr Knighty Mawere at +27 11 805 0086.

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