Downstream Onshore Energy and Power Insurance


Our onshore energy solutions provide coverage for downstream energy, midstream energy and power generation risks.

Coverages provided to the onshore assets of our clients include but not limited to:

All risk property damage, boiler explosion/machinery breakdown and resulting time element caused by a vapour cloud explosion, a fire, or a natural catastrophe like wind, earthquake and flood.

Our underwriting is based on prudent product development through the application of appropriate technical underwriting discipline.

Our focus is to be an Afro global recognized market leader providing specialty lines products and services for the Energy sector.   Our team of highly experienced brokers, engineers and claim staff provide the highest levels of customer service to our clients through our expertise, trust and transparency.

Client Profiles

Our client’s risks vary from single locations to multinational companies with a global spread of risk.

  • Electric utilities principally engaged in generating, transmitting or distributing electric power.
  • Electric utilities include investor-owned utilities, publicly owned utilities, municipalities or cooperatives.
  • Additionally: refineries, petrochemical plants, gas companies, pipelines and storage terminals.

Typical Information Required

  • Schedule of values (by location)
  • Five-year loss record
  • Policy terms/coverages required
  • Location engineering information and surveys

Benefits & Services

  • Our engineering team provides risk based inspection solutions for power utilities, mining & oil and gas