Demand for Political Violence Insurance on the rise

The demand for Political Violence, Sabotage and Terrorism insurance has been on a steady increase recently in different parts of the African continent. The increase in the demand is reinforced by the ongoing political activities and uncertainties. Examples of activities such as the Westgate, Kenya incidence, Gambia and DRC violence in protest of the proposed increased presidential terms are still fresh in people’s minds and are driving the need to buy Political Violence Insurance. Insurance buyers in Southern African markets such as Mozambique, especially with movable property such as yellow plants and those moving goods are demanding political violence cover.

Political Violence Insurance covers against damage to property occasioned by a political event. Most insurance and reinsurance companies also extent the cover to provide coverage against sabotage, riots, strikes & civil commotion, malicious damage, war & civil war, mutiny/ coup d’Etal.

Despite the increase in the demand for this type of insurance and the perceived increase in high-profile incidents, “Maksure Risk Solutions a global independent specialist insurance and reinsurance broker with African roots, notes that the insurance premium rates for Political Violence are reducing. ‘We believe that the premiums are going down simply because it is a ‘buyer’s market at this stage” said Knight Mawere, Portfolio Manager � Reinsurance. Insurers are faced with low business opportunities and are thus competing on prices.

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