Cement Plant Insurance

The infrastructure deficit in Africa requires deeper focus on building sustainable complimentary industries to the construction industry. The cement industry is extremely important for the construction industry and thus the importance of maintaining stable production of cement is critical in order to meet demand. At all stages of production — from the equipment used to produce raw materials, to the shipment of the finished goods — there are risks of explosions, fires and breakdowns.

Maksure Risk Solutions has a dedicated team which includes qualified engineers who constantly seek to understand the risks associated with the cement industry. Cement production requires a comprehensive approach to risk management and insurance. Our tailor made solutions elevates the ultimate protection of cement machinery and equipment insurance, business interruption insurance and employer’s liability insurance. Property insurance in the cement industry is to cover catastrophic losses that could have a material effect on the normal operation of the enterprise.

Insuring cement plants is a specialised area which requires Maksure Risk Solutions experienced engineering team to craft a suitable insurance programme that incorporate the rightful clauses and extensions.

Our core differentiating factors in cement insurance are:

  • Risk Based Inspection program whereby our engineering team in addition to risk survey embed statutory inspections of facilities resulting in written recommendations.
  • Special procedures for the settlement of losses that are appropriate for your specific segment and that consider the importance of early rehabilitation of facilities in order to resume business.

We believe that the cement industry insurance is a guarantor of stability in the construction business.

For more information regarding this product, contact our Chief Operating Officer, Mr Knighty Mawere at +27 11 805 0086.

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