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Maksure’s 2020 Africa Day Celebrations Gala Dinner

Maksure Risk Solutions has held what could be the largest insurance event globally since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic which halted several businesses across the world over the last couple of months. The event was in celebration of Africa Day. The event which was organised by Maksure Risk Solutions and celebrated under lockdown was […]

Managing Risk Exposure and Risk-Bearing Capacities During a Disaster

We believe that in this global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus it is extremely important for businesses to put more emphasis on reducing risk where possible. It is believed that the direct and indirect effects of the COVID-19 will result in economic strain, for a sustained period. Every business should take time to assess and […]

Maksure Risk Solutions Launches Breadwinner Product in the United Kingdom

Afro-global insurance and reinsurance broker, Maksure Risk Solutions has launched a breadwinner insurance product in the United Kingdom. The bespoke insurance product allows fintech money remittance companies to provide an insurance benefit to their clients who constantly use their platform to send money to their family and friends. The UK product is underwritten by Diaspora […]

Oil Wells Insurance & Reinsurance

The oil and gas industry is of critical importance in powering our modern day way of life. From a risk management point of view, the risks associated with oil and gas and related industries are complex and diverse, high hazard and high risk. Maksure Risk Solutions understands the specialised legislation, unique duties of care, and […]