Are You Covered for Your Household Contents?

As you increase your personal assets, it is important to know the insurance cover options that can protect you against loss. Today, we are focusing on the most confused insurance types.

Your Household Contents Insurance covers all of your home assets against theft, fire, water damage, accidental breakage, etc. Examples of home assets include TVs, sofas, dining chairs, garden chairs, playstations, kitchen and bedroom assets. Put simply, if you flip your house upside down, minus the roof, all appliances that fall off must be insured as house contents. For that, you must ensure that the sum insured for your house contents is as close as possible to the value of the assets in your home, otherwise when you claim, your insurer will not pay the full value of your loss.

Your All Risk Insurance covers all the valuables you normally take with you outside your house against theft, water damage, accidental damage, etc. Items that are normally insured include laptops, rings, cellphones, golf kits, sun glasses etc. It is best to specifically insure your expensive items. You also have an option to insure your valuables on an unspecified basis. You must keep proof of purchase for your valuables as that allows for smooth and quick claims settlement. Insurance for house contents does not apply for loss of valuables outside your house.

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