42nd OESAI Annual Conference

Plant All Risk – Protecting the Construction Industry

Although there is a huge infrastructure deficit in Africa, there are a number of construction projects taking place on the continent. The projects range from power generation plant construction, roads developments, bridge construction, mining developments as well as housing construction. On the construction sites, there would be a number of plant and machinery which include mobile compressors, graders, bulldozers, forklifts, trench diggers, dump trucks, front-end loaders, mechanical shovels. These plant and machinery are vulnerable to a number of potential losses such as breakdowns, vandalism and theft.

Maksure Risk Solutions is taking part in the development of Africa by assisting the construction industry secure their plant and machinery through designing tailor made Plant All Risk insurance cover which protects clients against loss of, or damage to, construction plant and equipment whilst at client own premises, in transit between your premises and the place of use, whilst being used as a tool of trade or at an exhibition/ demonstration and transit back to your premises.

Our tailor made Plant All Risk insurance cover can be extended to include plant hired-in, plant hired-out and for hire charges which may arise as a result of loss or damage or third party liability.

“Whether you work on large scale construction sites or are a handyman, we have a broad range of Plant All Risk Insurance policies available to meet our client’s specific needs and protect you against potential losses” said Knight Mawere, Chief Operating Officer at Maksure Risk Solutions.

For more information regarding this product, contact our Chief Operating Officer, Mr Knighty Mawere at +27 11 805 0086.

About Maksure Risk Solutions

Maksure Risk Solutions is an Afro-Global independent specialist insurance and reinsurance broker with business footprint in Africa, Asia, East & Western Europe, South America and the Caribbean. We provide innovative and tailor-made risk solutions in Insurance and Reinsurance as well as Risk Financing and Actuarial Consulting geared towards capital management and strengthening our client’s balance sheet. Maksure is also one of the major players in Captive Management (Establishment & Management) in South Africa, Mauritius, Bermuda and various other jurisdictions. We are have access into the Lloyds of London with a deep understanding of African markets. Our global nature ensures that our clients access quality capacity as well as some of the world’s latest thinking and solutions.

Growing Careers, Personal Assets and Peace of Mind!

Society is changing. With better paying jobs and lucrative businesses, proliferation of a strong middle class is a growing trend in Africa. The working class can now afford personal assets such as cars, houses, furniture as well as to travel around the world. Owning assets, however, introduces and exposes one to RISK; arising from the incidence of motor car accidents, theft, robberies, legal liability and disability.

INSURANCE plays a crucial role to help you manage your risk. In the event of tragedy, you make a claim against your insured loss.

As insurance brokers, we are there to advise you as an insurance buyer on which insurance cover to buy from which company. We can negotiate affordable premiums and excess on your behalf. Our services also entail assisting you to lodge a claim and to negotiate the best possible insurance pay outs, in time, and efficiently.

At Maksure Risk Solutions, we are passionate about ensuring that you have access to quality insurance products from ‘A’ rated insurers. We are a one stop shop for insurance offering enhanced benefits including roadside assistance, medical assistance and home assistance. Our capable customer services and claims management team can efficiently assist you with claims in the shortest turnaround times.

Our trendy service delivery gives you peace of mind allowing you to grow your career while we manage risk on your behalf.

Do you need insurance? Get an obligation free insurance quote for your personal or business insurance needs. For advice on insurance, contact us at 011 805 0086/ 087 803 5475, email info@maksure.co.za or visit www.maksure.co.za.