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Oil Wells Insurance & Reinsurance

The oil and gas industry is of critical importance in powering our modern day way of life. From a risk management point of view, the risks associated with oil and gas and related industries are complex and diverse, high hazard and high risk. Maksure Risk Solutions understands the specialised legislation, unique duties of care, and […]

Using Drones at Maksure Risk Solutions for Agricultural Risk Management

The use of drones for risk management in the insurance industry has made headlines in the recent past. Advancements in the drone technology has increased their adoption and usage in many sectors without requirement of specialized skills to generate useful information. For instance, agricultural information such as plant population, nutrient and water stress, prevalence of […]

Major Causes of Mining Losses in The Last Half Decade

Mining is the backbone of most of Africa’s economies. From an insurance and risk perspective, there are a number of risks associated with different types of mining operations – either surface or underground. These include gaseous build up, explosions, natural and mine-induced seismic activities as well as risks associated with underground mining. Maksure Risk Solutions […]

Maksure Risk Solutions Represented at This Year’s Mining Indaba

Our Head of Engineering, Mr Stephen Makwembere and team will be attending the Mining Indaba, the world’s largest mining investment event to be held on the 3rd and 4th of February 2020 at CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa. Maksure Risk Solutions has vast experience in structuring, placement and risk management of mining operations across the […]

Case Study: Innovative Reinsurance Solutions

  The Challenge Our client, an underwriting manager (UMA) in South Africa writing general personal and commercial insurance was having challenges with their solvency/ capital position given the new risk-based solvency regime for the South African long-term and short-term insurance industries. The UMA’s portfolio was well balanced and highly profitable with a traditional risk and […]

MakReview: Maksure’s 1/1 Market Insights

We noted that the reinsurers were judgmental during the 1.1.2020 reinsurance renewals. This culminated to a large extent significant pricing, capacity and conditions variance depending on cedant’s past performance, class of business, geography, risk tolerance and relationships. There was also a significantly varying degree of interest and capacity available for direct business and retro business. […]

Maksure Invests in Weather and Climate Monitoring Equipment

Maksure Risk Solutions has started the new decade with strong focus and commitment to weather and climate matters. The company has announced its investment of more than half a million rand in the construction of a best in its class futuristic weather station to be based in the Gauteng region. The investment is believed to […]

Case Study: Maksure Claims

Maksure’s engineering and claims team recently negotiated a successful settlement on a USD1 150 000 330/132 kv transformer claim that was originally denied in full by the insurer and reinsurers. Our Challenge A southern African power and energy client suffered a significant loss on one of their transformers due to collapsed 11kV Tertiary Winding and […]

Maksure Risk Solutions’ Head Office Moving to Waterfall City

Mr. Simba Makwembere, Managing Director of Maksure Risk Solutions, an Afro-global independent insurance and reinsurance broker has revealed that the company has invested in a new corporate head office building in Waterfall City, Johannesburg. Located in Waterfall Point, the investment demonstrates Maksure’s firm commitment to better serving the fast-growing African insurance and reinsurance markets and […]

Increasing Trends on Events Cancellation Insurance

There is a growing trend of increased risk of event cancellation. The question is how much are event organisers and artists – or other rights owners and broadcasters – aware of the implications and are they receiving the right advise from their insurance and reinsurance brokers. In this article we explore the three main risks […]